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The system that they have come up with simple and elegant. It works fantastically well, doesn't take an overly long amount of time and is relatively quiet. I've never had a problem with my cat litter box getting clogged or leaving behind large clumps of dirty litter. It just flat out works. The whole cleaning process (after the seven minute delay) takes two minutes and thirty seconds. As for the noise, I measured my Litter-Robot using my sound level meter and from a distance of about three feet it measured 50db. To put that into perspective, a quiet library is about 30db and a normal conversation is 60-70db. So the Litter-Robot Cat Litter Box is both quick and quiet. By far the best element is how well it works. With little to no maintenance, the Litter-Robot performs flawlessly over and over again. It's such a simple and great design.

One thing I was concerned about with the Litter-Robot was whether or not my cats would use it. I was afraid that this rotating toilet would freak them out and they would just flat out refuse to use it. The Litter-Robot website has lots of tips on how to acclimate your cat(s) to the new litter box. This is what I did. When my ABTR arrived I only had one of my cats (Lily) at my house due to a medical emergency. I set up the Litter-Robot right next to the Best Cat Litter Box and gave my cat a choice. At first Lily just used the old box. She was curious about the new one and would go inside and check it out but she consistently used the old box. I let the old box get really filled up and gross and then one day I heard the Litter-Robot doing its thing. After it finished its cleaning cycle I checked the drawer and sure enough Lily had used the Litter-Robot. I gave her lots of praise and some treats for using the new box and then I moved the old litter box into my bathroom and closed the door. Lily only had the Litter-Robot to use now and she did so willingly. By the end of the next day, when I was sure Lily had no problems using the Litter-Robot, I broke down the cat litter box and was happy to never have to scoop again.

Now Callie, my other cat, was at my mother's during this process so when it was finally time to bring her back home I was really afraid I was going to have to through the whole thing again. I was also afraid that if I put the best Litter Boxes For Cats out that Lily would revert back to using the old one. Callie is my skittish cat, so I was more concerned with her refusing the Litter-Robot than Lily. I decided to be brave and just leave the ABlogToReviews as the only litter box available. Callie was certainly a bit apprehensive about this new device. The first time it turned on I could tell she was a bit freaked out. To her credit, she quickly adapted to the Litter-Robot. She never refused to use it or made a mess anywhere else in my house. Within a couple days she seemed totally comfortable around the Litter-Robot. I was very happily surprised by how easy it was to transition both of my cats to the Litter-Robot.

Cleaning the Litter Box For Kittens is a piece of cake. To change the bag all you have to do is pull out the drawer from the base, pull the kitchen garbage bag out, and put a new one in. The whole process takes maybe two minutes and is extremely easy. With two cats I find that I have to change the bag every 4-5 days. Cleaning the actual unit is easy too and doesn't have to be done very often. Once every three months or so I will take the Litter-Robot globe outside, dump all the litter out, and give the whole thing a thorough squirting with a hose and a wipe down with a wet rag. You can't hose down the base of the Litter-Robot, as you could damage the electronics. So to clean the base, just take a wet rag and wipe it down. It's all very, very easy. You do want to make sure that the globe is completely dry before you add more litter to it other wise you'll have a big mess on your hands.

My biggest complaint with the Litter-Robot is that it works almost too well. Allow me to explain. The Litter-Robot has no sensor or light or anything to tell you when the drawer is full. Since the unit works so well, I sometimes forget to change the bag when it is full and when that occurs two things can happen. One, as the globe rotates it can come in contact with the dirty litter inside the tray which can then smear on to the outside of the globe making a bit of a mess. Two, and this has only happened to me twice in the time that I've owned the Hidden Cat Litter Boxes, the device can get jammed. When the Litter-Robot jams, the lights on the front all blink and the globe stops rotating. Unjamming it is super easy though, just change the bag (so it won't get jammed again) and reset the device by turning it off and back on again. After the reset, the Litter-Robot is as good as new.

If you are afraid of the Litter-Robot activating with your cat inside of it, don't be. The Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box has sensors that can tell when your cat is inside of it and it will not rotate with your cat inside. If one cat goes in and starts the seven minute countdown and then another cat comes along five minutes later, the second cat will reset the countdown. If your cat should try to enter the Litter-Robot while it is already rotating, the Litter-Robot's sensors will detect your cat and automatically stop. The Litter-Robot will then resume rotating in 15 seconds when it no longer detects your cat.